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Advertising Work

OPPO Reno6 5G
Unboxing with Ranbir Kapoor

Directed by Reema Sengupta

Ranbir Kapoor unboxes the latest all-rounder OPPO Reno6 5G in most entertaining way, with The F16's. The ultimate all-rounder 5G superphone that features India’s first MediaTek Dimensity 900 chipset, industry’s first Bokeh Flare portrait video, and Reno glow design.

Live Sound Design

Link here

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OPPO Reno6 5G _ Unboxing with Ranbir Kapoor 5-13 screenshot.png

Smule - India Jams Here

Directed by Vibhu Puri

The Smule Friendship Anthem is here to make this #FriendshipDay even more special. In Shalmali and Benny Dayal's voice & with Sneha Khanwalkar's music, this anthem is special to us, to them, and now, to you as well.

Sound Design & Mixing  

Watch it here!

The Smule Friendship Jam 0-23 screenshot.png
The Smule Friendship Jam 0-24 screenshot (1).png

Himalaya - Ek Nayi Muskaan

Directed by Rahul Bharti

'Ek Nayi Muskaan' is a heartwarming story of eight-year-old Munmun, who lives in a small village near Lucknow. She dreams of going to school, playing with friends, and living a fulfilling life like any other child. However, her untreated cleft lip has kept her in hiding. Even in her dreams, she can’t think of herself without a cleft and hence imagines wearing a mask to fulfill her aspirations. The film captures the transformational journey of Munmun, as she receives her life-changing cleft surgery.

Sound Design & Film Mixing

Link here

Ek Nayi Muskaan - Munmun's story 3-16 screenshot.png

KissFlow (Serbia)

Directed by Rahul Bharti

Kissflow Digital Workplace platform brings the 'Power of Simple' to work. With Kissflow Digital Workplace, you can manage all your work on a unified platform and see your work get done faster with better collaboration, faster organization, powerful analytics, automated tasks, minimal oversight, and high levels of productivity. We did a campaign with them for three advertisements.

Sound Design & Film Mixing

Link here

Less effort, more collaboration _ Kissflow Digital Workplace _ The Power of Simple 0-22 sc
Power of Simple _ Less drama, more ease - Kissflow Digital Workplace 0-35 screenshot.png

Stand Up Comedy

Kenny Sebastian - Stand Up Comedy

The Bangalore-based stand-up comedian, writer, show runner, musician and improviser is arguably one of the biggest English comedy acts in the country, creating content fit for both the Internet and the stage. Kenny has delivered over 2000 shows around the world. His comedy prowess is seen in his Amazon special, Don't be That Guy, along with the sci-fi comedy web series Starboyz on YouTube, and Comedy Central's The Living Room.

Sound Mixing & Mastering

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"Is This It?" - Kanan Gill

"Is this it?" is a stand up comedy show. Thematically, the show revolves around the stray thought that strikes you in the middle of the night, whether ‘this’ is truly ‘it’? Is this really your life? This? This is the whole thing? There are so many ways we try to cope with life, and they are all very fun to talk about, but how did we get in this situation? Why are we managing existence instead of living life? When is my adult coloring book being delivered? Why do I work so much?

But don’t worry. Kanan has the answers, that’s really what the show is about. You might not like it. Or you might love it. But it’s worth watching and deciding for yourself. Either way it’s very funny and there’s no homework.

Sound Design & Surround Mixing

Watch it here!


Dongri Danger - Sumaira Shaikh

Dawood, Gangsters, Mayyat, and Rahul, a few of the many things stand-up comedian Sumaira Shaikh talks about in her first stand-up special DONGRI DANGER. Born in the gullies of Mumbai 9, Sumaira’s dark observations on what is your rank in your friend's group, how tsunamis are the best relaxation videos, and how her father once met Dawood, will leave you in splits and make you uncomfortable.

Available on Amazon Prime.
Sound Design & Surround Mixing

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HahaKaar - Gaurav Kapoor

HahaKaar is a culmination of 50 minutes of random jokes and stories from Gaurav Kapoor. It’s basically stories from his life or his friends’ life or friends of friends’ life. However, he will tell it as all these things happened with him and he is the victim of a weird school, weird job, weird trips, and weird friends. Also, there are a lot of lies in the show which you will never know.

Available on Amazon Prime.
Sound Design, Recording & Surround Mixing

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Chai Time with Kenny

A live vlog show where Kenny Sebastian sits down with a cup of tea in front of an intimate audience and has a casual conversation about things he finds amusing.

Sound Recording & Mixing

Link to Disney+ Hotstar
Link to YouTube


Stand Up The Musical - Aadar Malik

An extremely high-energy standup comedy show much like Aadar himself, it mocks the very talents that he so confidently boasts of.

Available on Amazon Prime.
Sound Recording & Design

Watch Now!



Simple Ken - Kenny Sebastian

A show where Kenny Sebastian talks to the funniest comedians from the Indian scene (sometimes to himself) about things he wishes people spoke about more in public. A sometimes funny and sometimes serious show where questions from the audience are discussed in depth and "no advice" is being given.

Available on all audio platforms & YouTube.

Podcast Mixing & Mastering

Watch it here!


No New Notifications
Kanan Gill & Manek D'Silva

Comedian-designer duo Kanan Gill & Manek D'Silva are finally giving the least important topics in the world the attention they rightfully deserve. Funny stories, experiments & ideas, all wrapped up in the distinct feeling of checking your phone and having no new notifications.

Available on Spotify & Apple Music.

Mixing & Mastering

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Demons (Feature Film) - Zee5

Directed by Rohit Mittal

We are thrust into the decaying crumbling marriage of Megha and Vinay. A relationship that is now running only on toxicity and vitriol for each other. Accusations fly, perceptions have been distorted and what is left is an unreliable narration of events. The only thing certain is that there is no redemption when they try to address this by inviting guests.

Sound Design & Surround Mixing

Watch it here!


Popcity (Feature Film)

Feature film - Directed by Rohit Mittal
Genre: Action/Thriller

A young and ruthless gun for hire Gulshan, lives a lonely life in Mumbai, dreaming of becoming the number one hitman in the city. He is presented with the opportunity to achieve his goals after being approached by a mysterious organization to kill a journalist. As Gulshan stalks his prey, learning his every move and planning when to take the hit, Gulshan’s everyday life begins to get mixed in with his professional life, and the best-laid plans quickly vortex out of control.

Sound Design & Film Mixing

Watch it here!
Last Premiere at 'London Indian Film Festival'



Directed by Ashutosh Pathak

Genre: Drama

Barkha, a young small-town woman - tries to make it as a dancer in Mumbai, but pays a heavy price for the freedom offered by the big city to experiment with her own sexuality. The film Khabsurat (Repulsive) examines patriarchy as it bears down upon women. The film stars Naina Sareen and Shardul Bhardwaj and is produced by Vikramaditya Motwane.

Sound Design & Film Mixing


Last Premiere at 'Dharamshala International Film Festival'


YouTube Content

Tamboostaan - Prithvi Theatre

Tamboostaan is a celebration of arts & its ever-evolving forms. It’s a melting pot, bringing people from varied sensibilities, languages & talents together to create and appreciate art. An evening filled with poetry sessions, theatrical music, and conversations.

Sound Recording & Mixing

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Travel Vlogs with Kenny

Kenny Sebastian, the popular Indian comedian, creates engaging vlogs that document his travels around the world and his peaceful vacation retreats. Combining humor with insightful commentary, Kenny's vlogs offer viewers a delightful mix of entertainment and cultural exploration. Whether he's exploring vibrant cities, relaxing on serene beaches, or immersing himself in local traditions, Kenny’s videos capture the essence of each destination. His unique perspective and genuine interactions make his travel vlogs both enjoyable and enriching, inviting audiences to join him on his global adventures filled with laughter and tranquility.

Watch it here!


Film Companion - Unfiltered

The Film Companion is a web channel intended to promote Indian cinema through films review, interviews, discussions, video essays, and analytical compilations. It is intended primarily for the purpose of encouraging informed discussions, criticism, and review of cinema, and towards such purpose, the programs use short extracts of cinematograph films, sound recording, and photographic works. 

Sound Recording & Mixing

Watch it here!

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#BreezerVivid - Kenny & Abish

Join Abish Mathew and Kenny Sebastian on their #BreezerVivid adventure as they explore 10 cities around the world.

Sound Design & Mixing

Watch Now!

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Behti Naak - Sumukhi Suresh

Behti Naak is a 10 year old girl, daughter of Atul Naak and Alka Naak and her best friend is Shikhar. She minds her business until someone messes with her.

Sound Recording
Available on Hotstar.

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More Work.

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