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SoundHexa provides 360° audio solutions in all audio formats. We are a complete audio post-production service based in Mumbai, India.  From Audio Branding, Film Mixing, Music Composition, Sound Design, to Mixing Podcasts, we are a one-stop shop for all your sonic requirements.

Our Services

FILM Sound

We have experience in sound design, foley, and post-production sound for movies. We provide audio editing and sound mixing services for audio-visual projects ranging from music, movies, radio & music videos.
We take pride in providing
high-quality and polished audio.
From Stereo to Dolby Atmos,
we deliver everything.


Podcasting is the future. We can provide a professional studio that can record and edit your podcast into a finished top solid product ready for your target audience.
Bring your audiobook or podcast production to life with our specialized audio editing service. Receive a polished product ready for Audible distribution.


We carefully consider everything about how the music composition will be used, inspiring interesting approaches and adding value to the storytelling. Working on a piece together as a team to find the right notes is our vision.

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